Investor Letters

We strive to be transparent with our partners and to communicate in a timely and straightforward manner.  Our investor letters highlight key portfolio holdings and provide a window into the partnership’s performance over time.  The letters are also one of the best ways to conduct due diligence on the partnership.

For requests to be added to our distribution list or for additional information about a potential investment in the Summers Value Fund LP, please contact us here.

Most recent investor letters, interviews, and presentations:

Partners Handbook

2018 2Q Investor Letter

2018 3Q Investor Letter

2018 4Q Investor Letter

2019 1Q Investor Letter

2019 2Q Investor Letter

2019 3Q Investor Letter

2019 Annual Investor Letter

2020 1Q Investor Letter

2020 2Q Investor Letter

2020 3Q Investor Letter

Stock Presentations

Biospecifics (BSTC)

Emisphere Technologies (EMIS)